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Performance Study

The 360-HCP ELISAs require the identification of the most suitable kit type (A, B, C or D) for a specific process. The Starter Set provides customers with all necessary components to fast and easily choose the most appropriate kit. Alternatively, BioGenes conducts a Performance Study and recommends the optimal ELISA kit type as a service.

Performance Study: Part 1

Characterisation of HCP-containing samples using 360-HCP ELISA kits (type A to D):

  • Customer provides 4 to 8 in-process controls (IPCs) from different purification steps
  • Double determinations
  • Up to 4 dilutions per sample
  • BioGenes recommends the most suitable ELISA kit type (A to D) including short report

Performance Study: Part 2

2-D Analysis of mock HCP using one kit type (type A, B, C or D):

2-D analysis allows obtaining an estimate of the coverage of the anti-HCP antibodies to the total HCP present in a cell line. It is performed to achieve a level of assurance that the antibodies chosen are appropriate for use. BioGenes offers the 2-D analysis of mock HCP using anti-HCP antibodies prior identified as most suitable:

  • 2-D separation of the samples fluorescence based
  • Immunoblots by using the selected antibodies
  • Complete report including calculation of HCP coverage


Dr. Yvonne Haberkorn
Product Manager & Head of Production Immunoassays
+49 (0)30 65762378